Death Care Industry Hits The Internet

Death Care Industry

Death Care Industry
Death Care Industry

This is a modern age and technology has become part of our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without gadgets and internet. Even after death, technology has its own part. Yes, I am talking about the Funeral. The $11 billion Death Care industry has made its way to the internet. Now you don’t have to waste time looking for funeral service providers in your city. You can find services related to funerals, cremation or burial, and memorials online. One such company is Neptune Society.

Neptune cremation is the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the US. It has over support for over 45 locations nationwide and still growing. Neptune Society has been in Death care business for past 37 years. A few years ago, they decided to take their services online. They also have Houston cremation services, in which they provide funeral services in Houston, texas.

Unlike India, where cremation is done in open air, Neptune Society provides Crematoriums to perform cremations in specially designed furnaces. These Furnaces are able to generate temperature of 870-980 Degree Celsius to ensure the total disintegration of the corpse.

People in US are preferring Cremation rather than burials because of the expenses. A Normal burial costs around $10,000 to purchase a cemetery plot, casket, burial vault, or grave stone. On the other hand Cremation costs around $2000-3000 depending on the service required by the customers.

Some facts About Crematorium Used in USA:

1). In United States, cremation of multiple bodies is illegal. There are some exceptions like with stillborn twins or with a stillborn baby and a mother who died during childbirth.

2). A body of about 45 KG will disintegrate in about 1 hour under 1600-1800 Degree fahrenheit.

3). In cremation the fuels used to burn the body are : Oil, Natural gas and Propane. In Hong Kong Town gas is still in use.

4).  All the cremators in USA are Computer Controlled. It ensures that the retort door cannot be opened until the cremator has reached its operating temperature.

5). In the United States, there are around 1,155 crematories.