The Importance of Link Building For SEO

Link Building For SEO

Link Building For SEO
Link Building For SEO

When it comes to SEO, link building is very important for everyone’s success online and that is why it needs to be done just right. This article will take a look at the 3 V’s of link building for seo and how they affect the overall site traffic and profits.

When people are thinking about link building and having success with it, then individuals should be first of all aware of the three V’s which are: Variety, Velocity and Volume. 
After four years in which people have seen the reaction of the search engines to the various backlinking methods, they managed to come with the conclusion that variety is as important as velocity and volume. People should know that getting this much variety is actually very simple, as there are plenty of providers on the internet. In order to do this correctly, individuals will need to make sure they will actually find the right providers.
Link Building For SEO

Linking volume is actually defined as the number of links pertaining to one site, in comparison with the number of links of another, with the 2 previous descriptions held in account. What people must know is that all have a certain relationship with the other and all are important factors. The relationship will have to be maintained in order to get the highest rankings or higher rankings. In terms of difficulty to obtain, volume is actually the easiest of the bunch to get.

Link Building Velocity

As mentioned earlier, if website owners want to make sure that their backlinking campaign will be very successful, they will need to be aware of the three V’s numbering variety, volume and velocity. What describes velocity is the actual number of links that website owners will put out on a daily basis in terms of where they will have their campaign started. They could even think about velocity in terms of the number of links they get per day, like one hundred or maybe one thousand links daily. In Google’s algorithm, velocity plays a major role and websites which receive spikes in linking activities, will get to be “sandboxed” by Google.

If website owners want to stay out of the sandbox area of Google, then they will need to learn the way to have the velocity of their links steady. Using automated systems, website owners will never have any problems staying in the safe zone with their marketing campaign.

Link Building Variety

As many already know it, the spice of life is actually the variety people bring to it and that was never truer than it is in the situation of the way Google’s algorithm behaves. Individuals just need to think about it: if all of their links will actually look the same, don’t they think that to a human that will be kind of strange? It’s actually very easy to notice when these links were actually generated by a sort of code and they are used in order to abuse the system. Website owners should make sure that they will insert some variety in their links, so that at the end they will be able to rank better in the search engines, without worrying about being banned or penalised.

Link Building Volume

“Link Volume” can actually be described by the amount of links which people are able to build on a website in the duration of its entire lifespan. When it comes to links, they are like “votes”, so the more of them people have in regards to a competitor’s website, the more popular their webpage will become within the algorithm. The rest that follows is actually self-explanatory and up until this point, many people will have already understood the importance of link volume.

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