The Modern Photo Sharing App – Instagram

You’re an Artist with Instagram

The Modern Photo Sharing App - Instagram
The Modern Photo Sharing App – Instagram

The Modern Photo-Sharing App

Instagram is a modern Photo-sharing app, you’re an artist in one click. The photo-sharing app spread out beyond iPhone 5 to Android smartphone. Girls and Boys under the age of 25 will enjoy using the Instagram app, even your kids too. Especially since it’s become a part of Facebook. Will this mean a great change in the way you use their services?

Explore New Places, Photos And Photographer

Instagram offers you to join in on the photo-sharing free of cost. In short, this app is all about photos, photos you capture, new photos over the internet & photo editing. Your family and friends living in any part of the world can simply share your recent photographs with a click. It also allows you to discover and explore new places where you want to pay a visit. Or if you have ever happened to be in an interesting place and would like to recall it, or simply enjoy the comfort of the sight again it allows you to pull out related pictures and sceneries. One of the best things about this cool app is people having a timid interest in photography could eventually find inspiration from the photographers they discover.

Equip yourself with the App

It is really simple, If you have an iPhone or Android download the app on it. You’ll be asked to create an account with a user name and password. Instagram then will also guide you through the process of connecting with your friend on Facebook, Twitter or through your contact list in your phone so that whenever you capture an amazing and memorable picture, you can instantly share it with your family and friend.

Following the Picture Stream

Strangely enough, your photos are visible to everyone if your privacy settings are set to “off”, thus anyone around the world can choose to follow your picture stream but if your privacy setting is set to “on”, you will always receive a notification when another member of this app wants to follow your photo stream. This would help build your credibility and photography skills. Instagram also offers you the opportunity to follow famous photographers around the world. A sample work of theirs would be displayed for you so you could either follow it or not. Sending your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and several other sites can also be set to automatic upload mode. And of course, this would save your time and keep your family and friends posted about your new photo collections.

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