This Is Chuck Norris’s Bike

This Is Chuck Norris's Bike
This Is Chuck Norris’s Bike

This can be impossible right? but everything is possible for chuck norris :D

  • sfg

    Fuck Me………That is Rajnikanth’s bike………..

  • Anil

    Man with a girly name !!! Rajni !!! Cunt;)

  • K!

    ^ Your mom is a cunt, Anil.
    No one speaks bad of him. NO ONE!

  • Chuck Norris

    Rajnikanth is a GAY.

  • Birthday Boyy

    Rajnikanth is a good man in every aspects. Not only in acting,
    but also in real life he is a down-to-earth star.
    He is one of the most popular man India and lives really a simple life.
    Go Search people !!

  • R

    rajnikanth –> rajni+kanth..meaning : the one who lights up the night : moon..!
    and the moon god is male..!!

  • Rohit Harindra

    @birthday boy… searched all i got was videos of rajnikanth doing your mama!!

  • Raj

    Fuck off Rohit, you little pussy. Who are you to judge anyone.

  • AD

    Looks like you haven’t heard of Rajnikanth…

  • DS

    Wow!! You guys have soo much time!!

  • Ram KV

    LOL…This is Rajnikant’s bike! Check out his fans admiring the scene somewhere in Chennai area!!