Tips To Make Flyer Design More Attractive

Graphic design is not just about making things attractive. Anyone from a graphic design college would agree. Color, layout and typography are not the only concerns of a graphic designer. There are other things that you need to pay attention to and there are other skills that you need to master if you are entrusted with a job of corporate identity design or flyer design.

Before Starting A Flyer Design Project

Before starting your project, you should talk to your clients about the design that they want to see. Gather as much information as you can. Turn to your design encyclopedia (if any) and peruse as much as you can about the kind of design you will be creating. If you can, talk to the marketing department of your client’s company to know in detail about the  promotional tactics they are going to use for the project.

Doing these will give you a clear knowledge about your tasks and will also let you know about the fundamental aspect that you need to keep in mind from the very beginning of your design project. Understand the role of communication between, say, your flyer design and the audience who will go through it.

Creating a stunning look and no feel is not what you should aim to do. It is also not what your client wants. Get into the what, the who and the how of the design and your success will be as beautiful as your designs.

You do not need to be told the importance of Photoshop in Graphic design. Below, you will find a few smart tactics to use Photoshop to make your stationary design or corporate envelope design all the more attractive.

Bring in Sepia: Vibrant colors are not the only things that add feel to your graphic design. Sometimes sepia can do wonders. It adds an air of seriousness. So, if you are designing for say, a not-for-profit organization, using sepia can be a good idea. It can well be used for a design that you are creating for a fashion related organization. In fact, when it comes to creating fashion statements, sepia can surpass color.

Go for Digital Painting: As you know, this is the art of coloring on Photoshop. Use this feature to play with colors the way you want to, but do not forget your client’s requirements. There are some very good resources online, focusing on digital painting. You can use them for guidance if you are working with digital painting for the first time.

Use Masking: This you can turn to for covering up the  background of an image you want to use.

Portrait Technique: With this, you can  present  images in your graphic design all the more appealingly. Depending on your client’s business, you can use the portrait techniques offered by Photoshop.  You can also experiment by using portrait techniques in your corporate envelope design, if it fits your client’s needs. Have a trial and error session with your client to show him whether the design you have made is competent enough to fit his corporate envelopes.

Lastly, savor your beautiful creations and upload them on your online portfolio.