Some Of The Best Apps For Symbian Smartphone

Apps For Symbian Smartphone

Best Apps For Symbian Smartphone
Best Apps For Symbian Smartphone

Symbian, Once used by the most reputed brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Motorola and many more but after the boom & bangs in the mobile industry and establishment of new OS like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian seems to come on the verge of extinction. But Nokia, just like a Spartan, seems to stick to its weapon Symbian and refine its power by adding many more features and functions to conquer the Best OS world war. Therefore,Nokia Store (Nokia’s own app store) has reached 2 billion downloads, of which half are on the S40 and Asha platform. Currently Nokia is getting 80 million downloads per month. lets check our the best apps for Symbian smartphone.

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Thus, among tons of major mobile platform applications like Android & others, we bring you some of the best Symbian driven Apps which will make your cell go crazy to flaunt its herculean power so here we have collected some great categorized stuff for you folks.

Calling Apps

Call Blocker:

Is someone irritating you? Just blacklist annoying numbers or anonymous calls and leave everything else to your Symbian gadget. It is a basic app & includes an option to set customized SMS to different numbers in the reject list.

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BoldBeast Call Recorder:

As nothing is perfect so is the Symbian. While recording an audio call Symbian’s recorder make annoying beeps which may alert the person on call. That is why BoldBeast Call Recorder came into existence.

Antivirus App

Mobi Shield:

Don’t let malware, viruses and Keyloggers use your device as they didn’t have paid for your smart phone. Using Mobi Shield antivirus will eradicate these unwanted device’ diseases and enhance the overall performance and security of your mobiles.

NetQuin Antivirus:

Its a freeware which scans & remove viruses, malware, Trojans, worms etc. it is a perfect security toolkit for your mobile.

Browser Applications

Opera Mini:

A must download, cost effective and fast mobile web browser based on JAVA offers the most modern features to the Symbian platform in a small size. Opera Mini is Capable of compressing data up to 90%, multi-tabbed browsing or bookmarking pages provides the ultimate desktop surfing experience on your mobile.

UC Browser 9 (with virtual keyboard support):

For those who need a fast, reliable, secure browser without compromising with the UI, the all in one package comes with the name UC Browser.

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Chatting/VOIP Apps


It is like a drug which will make you addict to it. Supporting cross mobile platform downloads and unlimited sharing of media and messages make this app stands on the top of others. No annoying advertisements, promotional messages or anything, it offers pure social life at just $ 0.99 per year from the second year of use.


Its now a part of Microsoft offering unlimited audio/video/text chat free of cost for basic services. Although it charges afterwards with respect to your preferred subscription but as per quality standards its stands among the top cross-platform social apps.


Trendy voice chat app where users “hold to talk”, record messages and send them. Supports functions like Social moments, Group chats, Shake, E-greetings to stay connected! One of its latest feature is “Drift Bottle”, that allows a user to “throw” out a message and meet new people who reply to their messages, have you received any?

eBuddy Messenger:

A highly popular instant messaging app which allows you to merge your Facebook, IM, MSN, yahoo and almost every social contact under one place to enjoy the ultimate hassle free chatting experience without worrying to sign in or sign out each time on every site makes this app outstanding.

Launchers/Themes Applications

SPB Shell 3D:

It is a 3D User Interface clearly tells us that it is been developed to make you fall in love with your cell phone. Its UI drastically changes according to the user needs and due to its highly customizable property which adds a “chunk” makes it irresistible to download.


Also known as “Voyager Home Screen”, it is an excellent uber-cool app that offers you to integrate with RSS or ATOM feeds on the homescreen. Several smart functions like Quick lock, Application shortcuts, Favorite contacts etc will be just at a distance of single click on homescreen itself.

Security/Locks Apps

Maze Lock:

Focusing on the trend of pattern locks, this app is designed for Symbian users to keep pace with the ongoing fashion. It provides the security function as auto-phone lock, personalized font Colors, Pattern Color, Background images and much more modification options are included in the paid version, which is the only limitation.

Advanced Device Locks Pro:

It really does what it’s name depicts. An advanced security app which is capable of encrypting/decrypting files, setting passwords on installed applications including Contacts & Messaging. It also supports major languages which provide more user satisfaction.

Photography Apps

Camera Lover Pack:

It is a Scalado released handy photographic application which enhances symbian’s awesome features like Panorama Effect to capture and join 3 pictures automatically as a single shot. It is also embraced with features like burst capturing, Photo Twister, Photo Fusion etc.

Camera Pro:

Aimed for attaining perfection in photography for the beginners, this application consists of multiple Pre and Post capturing effects, Modes, Face detection, and almost all modern features recommended for professionals.

Explorers/ File Handling

X-Plore File Browser:

The joy of exploring your files can be enjoyed with this app. It can easily give competition to any leading OS’ file managers as it offers captivating features like access files, folders, driver, view file details and changing its attributes, Searching, Hiding folders and most of the latest features are offered.


Made for the internet junkies who are keen to download files at a high pace. Known for its best Encrypting and De-encrypting capabilities, it allows user to manage files easily and save the on-disk space. The general compressed file types are .rar, .zip, .tar, .7zip & .gzip too.

Keyboards/Typing Apps


Got strain in fingers due to continuous hitting them against the touch screen to type? Here a revolutionary app arrives “SKYPE” whose Gestures control command to type make this app awesome. It comes with Next word prediction, Personal Dictionary Backup & Sync, Smart Editor and with a wide variety of themes to choose from to personalize the look of your Swype keyboard. Swype learns your unique style of input evolves and adapts to your typing patterns continuously for a truly personalized keyboard experience.

Document manager Apps

Quick Office pro:

The Quick office Pro for Symbian continues to rule the space even after the release of Office Productivity suite apps as Microsoft apps for the Symbian devices. Basically Quick office Pro supports both non-touch screen and touch screen devices to open and edit your Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets with smoother operation supports and supports pdf, txt and all images formats effectively. It also includes features like accessing, editing, and creating new files for Cloud storage based services such as Google Docs (Google Drive),, Dropbox, Huddle and SugarSync. Yeah! These features are available on modern Symbian Anna and Belle based devices. The in-built spell check and advanced text editing options makes it a leading application among other apps.

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Location Apps

Google Maps:

Don’t know about Google Maps yet?? Have you been on a different planet or you’ve been getting very lost in the one. The Symbian version let you do all the things like locate streets, companies and other points of interest like hotels and restaurants, find routes, fly round the world viewing satellite imagery from every country on Earth with some incredible footage of different landscapes and wild animals.

Nokia Nearby:

No matter whether you have a GPS enable device or not, This innovative ‘Hyper-Local Search’ application helps you discover location specific information within your vicinity. Search for places & listings like restaurants, movie theaters, and malls etc even without maps on your phone and share them with friends on SMS. Because of the flexibility of this app, we can send it entirely to anyone via Bluetooth. You may also get details about the places that interest you and contact them from within the app.

Uncategorized Applications

Universal Convertor:

Including more than 30 categories and thousands of conversions units, this app allows users to convert different units of length, weight, temperature etc. Most wanted application for students (specially engineering ones) who have to do a lot conversions from different units of measurements.


Backup!! This is one of the most important and challenging task for any mobile user. The SyncLion offers the functionality to push the SMS, MMS, Contacts, Notes, Call records, and even the Internet traffic details via IMAP (Internet message access protocol) by configuring your Gmail account; you don’t need to take backups manually.

Author: Mohit Verma