Top 10 Apps For Rooted Android Smartphone

Apps For Rooted Android Smartphone

A simple Android smartphone gives you the access of millions of applications. Now-a-days some people root their android device. Now there is one question what is the need of rooting your android device? When you root your android device you have full access of your Android device. With root access you can even run firewall on your device, you can access the file system on your device.

Another reason of rooting your Android device is that there are some apps which do not work with root permission. So after having root permission you can easily access those apps on your Android device. These apps are available on play store and few of them are available on their official website.

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10 Apps For Rooted Android Devices

Now I think there is some excitement in you guys to know about best apps that have access only after root permission. So, here I am providing you the list of top 10 apps for rooted Android smartphone.

10. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the most popular and amazing backup tool on Android device which is developed by Titanium Track. You can keep backup of your data, system apps and protected apps or any data on your SD card. With this app you can move data to and from SD card or you can also see the detailed information of any app. This is the most amazing app for your rooted Android smartphone to keep any valuable information safe. 

Features of Titanium Backup:

  • It can keep multiple backups per app.
  • It can keep backups of the data of app without closing them.
  • It can convert user apps into system apps.
  • You can also send backup data via email or cloud and import it in 1 click.

Size: 6.2 MB

Price: Free

9. Greenify


Greenify is an amazing app that is developed by Oasis Feng which works in a different way. It allows you to identify those apps which are misbehaving on your device and put these apps into hibernating mode when you are not using them and in this way it increases the battery life and performance of your device.

Features of Greenify:

  • You can easily save your battery with this app.
  • Greenify allows you to run any app normally when user calls it without disturbing it.

Size: Varies with device

Price: Free

8. Android Tuner

Android tuner
Android tuner

Android Tuner is the most safest app on play store developed by 3c. With this app you can save battery, keep backup and monitor your rooted Android device. No matter what is the ROM of your Android device.

Features of Android Tuner:

  • It automatically keeps the backup of your data and save the battery life.
  • You can also access all your Samba Network shares.
  • Whenever there is a requirement of rebooting, it reboots your Android device and clears cache and keeps your data safe.

Size: 9.5 MB

Price: Free

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7. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the favorite apps for the Firefox, Chrome, Safari users. Now it is available for Android operating system. This app is not available on play store but you can download it from its official website. With this app you can easily block the ads coming on you app screen or you can also filter ads from the routers or networks.

Features of Adblock plus:

  • It can filter ads from WiFi or any unrooted Android smartphone.
  • It can also filter ads from mobile data connections or from routers which decreases the disturbance from your network.

Size: 3.2 MB

Price: Free

6. Diskdigger


Disk digger is the application for rooted device developed by Defiant Technologies which can recover your lost photos and images from SD card or from internal memory. This is the amazing app for your rooted device where there is a solution of your biggest worry. If you loose your photograph or your photograph is deleted from your phone then Disk Digger is the best solution for you.

Features of Diskdigger:

  • If you delete your favorite picture from memory card or from internal memory accidently, you can recover it back.
  • You can even recover pictures from the reformatted memory card.
  • You can find your lost pictures and also restore them with this app.
  • You can also send the recovered pictures via email or send it to any local storage.

In the pro version of this app you can recover different types of files.

Size: 635 KB

Price: Free

5. WiFi Inspect

WiFI Inspect
WiFI Inspect

WiFi Inspect is a security audit tool which is developed by Andreas Hadjit Tofis. This tool is developed for computer security professionals who wants to inspect and audit a user’s WiFi network. This app consists lots of tools that help user to retrieve WiFi information. So this is very helpful tool for your rooted device. You cannot consider WiFi Inspect as a hacking tool.

Features of WiFi Inspect:

  • You can retrieve Network information.
  • This app has UPnP Device Scanner, Pcap analyser.
  • There is one more feature of PCI DSS menu. With this you can access default password test and act as a vulnerability scanner.

Size: 8.3 MB

Price: Free

4. Tasker


Tasker is an amazing tool for your rooted Android smartphone. You can create your own list of tasks that you want to perform in your day to day routine. Tasker for rooted Android device performs tasks that are based on application, time, date etc. Suppose you are in market and you want to ask at your home to buy something or not then you can set reminder of this and adjust time duration so that this message will automatically be transmitted.

Features of Tasker:

  • It can create your own automatic task which is based on large variety of actions.
  • When you install tasker on your rooted device it can perform lots of actions and provides you lots of options of customization.

Size: Varies with device

Price: $3.32

3. Set CPU 


In normal Android phones you cannot change the functioning of CPU or you can not set CPU according to you. But Set CPU allows you to change the settings of your Android Device. You can change the CPU setting according to situation occurs. Set CPU is simple app for beginner and advanced user too. After seeing the feature of Set CPU you can consider Set CPu as must have app for your rooted Android smartphone.

Features of Set CPU:

  • This app can save battery life and improves the performance of your device by customizing the CPU at different frequencies.
  • You an also set a profile where you can run your CPU at half speed.
  • This app can also overlook, underlook or change the voltage settings.

Size: 866 KB

Price: Free

2. ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox pro
ROM Toolbox pro

ROM Toolbox pro is must have app for your rooted device which is developed by JRummy apps Inc. This app collaborates all the root apps into a single powerful app which provides you a beautiful and user friendly interface. With this app you can make your rooted Android smartphone faster.

Features of ROM Toolbox Pro:

  • It manages your ROM like it clears out all the data, cache and battery states.
  • It keeps the backup of your data and restore your apps.
  • It can also store the backup data to dropbox.
  • You can also mail any application to your friends.
  • It also provides you the features like Reboot, recovery, powerdown and bootloader etc.

Size: 8.5 MB

Price: $6.14

1. SuperUser


SuperUser is the first and must have app for your rooted Android smartphone . this app allows you to access the other applications means it grants the permission to access the root privileges. After having all the root privileges, you can access any app on your Android Device or you can perform lots of task that you have not done before. After installing this application it forces you and ask the permission for root privileges. This is the reason it is considered as the must have app. After installing the SuperUser you have all rights to manage your Android device.

Size: Varies with device

Price: Free

Note: Size and Price of the above apps is according to Google Play Store.

Author: Kriti Jain