Top 10 Awesome Puzzle Games for iPhone

Puzzle Games For iPhone

A long path has been covered with iPhone Operating system from Apple. Since its inception and release with innovative and original iPhone, this phone has touched new heights. Interesting and appealing innovations have been witnessed in this iPhone, for instance, Siri, background pictures, apps, Passbook, background pictures, and many more. In the field of Smartphones, this gadget has brought a revolution. Simple, convenient and easy to use and navigate, the interface offers a wide range of features.

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Today, iPhones from Apple are considered to be one of the best smartphones available all over the world. This is because Apple is always looking for something new and intriguing to incorporate in its kitty of spectacular features in their iOS device. Many companies engaged in mobile application development have gained an opportunity to apply their extensive imagination, creativity and knowledge. As a result, many of them have created a wide range of entertaining features and apps for this extraordinary device. One of the entertainment features developed by Apple is puzzle games. Today, this business activity, has gained a lot of profitability and popularity.

For iPhone Device, top 10 Awesome Puzzle Games that can be found in the market are as under-

1). Grand Theft Auto:

Grand Theft Auto For iPhone`
Grand Theft Auto For iPhone

Chinatown Wars- This game is immensely popular all over the world and it is quite addictive game. People who have played this original game can vouch for the fun quotient offered by this puzzle game. This game can be easily downloaded by iPhone users and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars can be installed. This game can be played for hours and can be enjoyed thoroughly. Initially, understanding controls of this game may prove to be a little challenging but once it is understood then there is no looking back. The rewards available in this game are quite addictive. In comparison to its versions available on other devices, this game is three times cheap coming at $9.99.


2). Rolando:

Rolando Puzzle App For iPhone

This puzzle game is quite popular and is just like Mario for Nintendo. This game has crossed every threshold of popularity, and as such it is must have in every device. This adventure games are liked by people of all age groups. Puzzles are the basic element of this game. The creation of this game has been carried out on simple lines. Initially when the game begins, the playing is simple but as the player becomes skilled and proficient, the level of toughness increases. As the game becomes all the more challenging, the players start enjoying this game thoroughly.

3). Rolando 2:

Rolando 2 Puzzle App For iPhone
Rolando 2 Puzzle App For iPhone

The Quest for The Golden Orchid- Now, the sequel of this game has also been launched as Rolando 2 by the same company that had developed the original game. Rolando 2 has again taken the world by storm and players enjoy their incredible journey through the Rolandoland.

4). Peggle:

Peggle For iPhone

This game is again highly addictive game and has been appreciated by players all over the world. This game released on iPhone has fired the fun quotient of the players by several notches. There are approximately 100 levels in this game, all of them are unique. Multiplayer mode is also supported that further enhances the fun of playing this game. Once a player begins playing this game, it goes on for a long while as it is highly addictive game.

5). Spider:

Spider app for iPhone

The Secret of Bryce Manor- This game is loved by people from all age groups. The game is based on puzzles, but in actuality, it is a mystery game that hooks the attention of the players making them addictive. The game also brings forward an amalgamation of various emotions. One can experience sadness, cheerfulness, fear, rising spirit and at times, dread. The roller coaster ride of these emotions is surely adrenaline pumping.

6). Trainyard:

Trainyard Puzzle games For iPhone
Trainyard Puzzle games For iPhone

This is another highly popular and breathtaking puzzle game available on iPhone device. This game is quite appealing, and players enjoy this game tremendously. This game whether played by beginners or masters is equally entertaining. This game comes with puzzle editor that helps one to create own puzzles. There are many ways to solve this puzzle, and it exercises the brain like nothing else. In this game, the player has to take control the train and take it to the goal station.

7). Crux Crosswords:

Crux Crossword puzzle Games for iPhone
Crux Crossword puzzle Games for iPhone

Again this is a popular puzzle game available on iPhone. This puzzle has been designed in a beautiful manner with a wide range of features. This puzzle can be downloaded easily from the newspapers. It features 15 exclusive puzzles from author Andrew Ries. It has also enabled support for multiple users.

8). Quell:

Quell amazing Puzzle app for iphone
Quell amazing Puzzle game app for iphone

In this puzzle game, there are about 80 levels. With iCloud Integration and many other features, playing this game has become easy yet enjoyable. Music can also be played using a custom soundtrack. There is retina and HD support also available in this game. This game requires iOS 4.3 or higher versions.

9). Cut the Rope:

Cut The Rope

With a compelling user interface, this game is also quite entertaining. There are 175 gaming levels in 7 level packs. Cut the rope has recorded 300 Million downloads all around the world. This game has been awarded with many prestigious awards, usch as: Apple Design Award, BAFTA Award,  Pocket Gamer Award, GDC Award, Best App Ever Award etc.

10). Angry Birds Space:

Angry Birds Space for iPhone

Played by millions of mobile users, this game has simply taken the world by storm. Interesting and stunning animations and graphics enhance the fun quotient. Easy to play this game has been a super hit. There are 160 levels in this game, and each level is quite enjoyable.


All those people who love to play games using their iPhone will surely love to play these entire puzzle games available on this device.

Though, there are some decisions that have not been enthusiastically received, there are many other aspects that have simply changed the world of smartphones. One of the examples of this issue is the removal of Google Maps. Earlier it was a default app, but today it was replaced by Apple’s own map apps. Although, it was not a very big issue initially, and the industry was led to believe that Apple does not wish to carry forward their relationship with rivals but the apps that were offered by Apple were not at par with Google android. This was a minor setback for the company, and the faith of its customers all over the world took a beating.

Author: Naveen Thakur