Top 10 Cloud Storage Apps For Android Smartphone

Cloud Storage Apps For Android

Cloud Storage Apps For Android Smartphone
Cloud Storage Apps For Android Smartphone

With the ascent of technology every second, the android market also has also been witnessing quite a number of breakthroughs. The cloud storage services have certainly made it easier to upload and store file and that too virtually! It is speculated that the days of physical storage are numbered as cloud storage takes a toll over them. So now lets look at some cloud storage apps for android smartphone.

Cloud storage services allow a user to upload all his files virtually in a cloud that is actually a series non-centralized server. The best part being the fact that, that you can access the service from any part of the world. Provided that you have necessary, authorization required. Okay, so following are the top ten android cloud storage apps service providers:-

  1. Google Drive

The recently launched Google drive may have ventured into cloud storage arena lately. However, they have began it with a bang by providing 5GB free that is actually 3GB more than Dropbox, Google Docs integration, live presentation of media files, file syncing and so on.

With the Google Drive app you can access both Google Docs and Google Drive on your android phone. With this application you can store all your files at one place and access them anywhere and anytime. Google Drive is fast and browser friendly.

  1. MicroSoft SkyDrive

If you are not satiated with merely 7GB of storage and long for more, then SkyDrive might be a good option for you. Moreover, you would also avail a sleek incorporation with the Office suit. Nevertheless, that is all about it. For all those who want that extra space, skydrive could be a great deal.

You can also see the list of all the opened documents and also the shared documents by using this app. This app does not cache local copies of your files for offline use.

  1. SpiderOak

If you are looking for a cloud service provider that keeps your data encrypted enough, then Spider Oak may be the possible answer to your prayers.

The best thing about it is that, that except you, nobody can access your data. Additionally, it also provides you with secure online storage, sync and backup. Spider Oaks offers 2GB free space for user.


Box is one fast and powerful storage service. It is a browser only on the free tier, offers file storage and project management tool too.

Box lets you easily store your files online and send huge data and files at very high speed.  It offers 50 GB of cloud storage space.

  1. SugarSync

Although a little confusing when it comes with the variety of options it offers, but it is cheaper on than the paid side than DropBox. Moreover, it allows video and music streaming amongst your devices.

You get free cloud backup with SugarSync so that you can use it to sync your files, shares folders and access data directly fron your device. It offers 5GB free cloud storage space.

  1. Bitcasa (Unlimited Beta)

Although in a beta form, its ability for unlimited storage and synchronizing might fascinate some people. Nonetheless, do not attempt to store any important data, as it is a beta version. Being free doesn’t certainly makes a sense here.

Users can also connect their camera app to their Bitcasa app to guarantee an instant photo backup and you can also share any file with those who haven’t signed up.

  1. Mozy

Mozy’s paid tiers are a little heavy on your pockets. It is well known for providing solid online backup services and file encryption. Not recommended for people who are solely interested in merely file syncing and storage.

Mozy provides user to attach any file, document and photos to your mail messages.

  1. DropBox

For students, DropBox is like the perfect free service provider. It provides you with 2GB of free storage. However, if wanting to add an another security film, you’ll have to rely on 3rd party providers like boxcryptor.

When you install Dropbox to you device , any file or document to your Dropbox will automatically save  in your device.

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is one of the largest data infrastructure providers. This app lets user to store photos, documents and many more data in your cloud very quickly and easily. All the data is safe and secure in the cloud. In case if you lose your mobile phone then you do not have to worry of losing your data.

It gives you a space of 5GB and on purchasing anything; the data is directed you your cloud automatically without using your free storage data. With this app the data is automatically saved in your device.

  1. cloud drive

This cloud drive is for business use. allows user to handle, store and share all type of photos, videos on your android device. All the data is secured in this cloud drive by’s safety system.

It automatically encrypts your data and set passwords to files and folders. So data is in all secured in this cloud drive.

Thus, these were some of the best android cloud storage service providers that also come up with a lot of following advantages:-

    • Cost Effective
    • Portability
    • Data storage and back-up.

To conclude, cloud storage facilities are a stepping stone in revolutionizing the techno’ culture prevailing presently.

Author: Kriti Jain