Top 10 Hot Air Ballooning Spots In Australia

10 Hot Air Ballooning Spots In Australia For A Mind Blowing Experience

Top 10 Hot Air Ballooning Spots In Australia
Top 10 Hot Air Ballooning Spots In Australia

Hot air balloon rides are stunning and exhilarating experience and Australia is considered to be the best destination for this because it has got wonderful climate, clear sky and beautiful landscapes. Hot air ballooning is the ideal way to escape from crowds and to get magnificent views while taking a serene and smooth aerial cruise. There is no shortage where destinations for hot air balloon tours are concerned in Australia. The most favorite one is the area surrounding Alice Springs in Northern Territory. Here are 10 Hot Air Ballooning options across Australia.

1.       Brisbane. Hot air ballooning is excellent over Brisbane, as you get to see the fabulous Glasshouse Mountain in the north and the magnificent Gold Coast in the south.

2.       Gold Coast. Hot air ballooning over the Gold Coast is considered to be a memorable flight over the Gold Coast with its stunning views and clear air. The flight will be over Brisbane and all the way to Byron Bay.

3.       South East Queensland. You can have a beautiful flight over this unique city with the only hot air balloon company called Floating Images.

4.       Brisbane. This hot air balloon flight takes off after daybreak when the air is still and mild. This flight travels around 15 km and it is followed mostly by a four wheel vehicle all the way.

5.       Cairns. Travelling over Cairns in a hot air balloon is a very romantic and silent affair, as it cruises over to Port Douglas.

6.       Hunter Valley. You can fly over beautiful vines of Hunter Valley and the hot air balloon service here also offers in flight photography to make it memorable for you.

7.       Belubula Valley. You can experience the tranquility and magic of this picturesque valley from the ride in your hot air balloon.

8.       Melbourne. Hot air ballooning at sunrise is an amazing experience over Melbourne, which is considered to be the ultimate in urban experience.

9.       Avon Valley. You will have memories of the most spectacular landscapes of views of Australia, when you hot air balloon over Avon Valley. Some of them include the Avon River, the Rolling Valley and natural and manmade patterns of this valley.

10.   Alice Springs. The MacDonnell’s Range is an outstanding backdrop for your hot air balloon flight in Alice Springs.

There are many hot air ballooning services all over Australia. Most of them transfer their customers to and fro from their hotel or accommodation and also offer delicious breakfast after your flight ends. There are many other places offering great hot air ballooning experiences too in Australia, right from Western Australia to Northern Territory and Victoria. If you want a truly dramatic experience, you should book hot air balloon flights in Australia for sunrise and sunset tours. The sceneries look all the more majestic through the light at these times. You can watch the rays lighting up the waterways, the surrounding forests and the mountains and make your hot air ballooning a spectacular experience in Australia.

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