Top 10 Myths About Internship Programs

Myths about internship
Myths about internship

While you’re on the hunt for internships, you’ll hear a whole bunch of things from different people. Some of these things might scare you, some might intimidate you and some might just discourage you. It’s best you don’t listen to all the stories – learn the truth about internship myths once and for all. Below are 10 myths about internship programs.

1. Cannot Include An Unpaid Internship In Your Resume

Whether it’s an unpaid internship or volunteer experience, you have the right to include it in your resume. What employers look for is relevant skills and experience; offer those, and you’re fine.

2. If You Get College Credit, You Don’t Get Paid

You get college credit from your college, not from your employer! Your employer can still go ahead and pay you a stipend for your internship, unless it is an unpaid internship.

3. All Internships Are The Same, No Matter The Season

If it’s a summer internship for credit, you’ll be required to pay additional tuition fee. Fall or spring internships get rolled in with regular college tuition, so no need to pay additionally.

4. A Summer Job And Summer Internship Are The Same

Summer jobs are actual jobs at an entry level, such as a store clerk, cashier or sales clerk. An internship is mainly for training purposes at a specific job – compensation is not mandatory.

5. Interns Just Get The Coffee

Companies that hire interns carefully value them, their input and enthusiasm. Many companies involve their interns in brain-storming sessions to generate more ideas as well.

6. Employers Don’t Hire Interns Who Haven’t Completed Internship Credit

Employers hire interns who have the right skills, attitude and experience. The college credits that you earned or did not earn from your internship don’t strictly make it to your resume.

7. Interns Can Claim Workplace Protections

Interns are not recognized as employees by the courts, even the paid ones. So you cannot claim employee protection against sexual harassment, discrimination and other issues.

8. An Internship Always Opens The Door To A Fulltime Job

Sometimes interns are hired by employers directly, but this happens only in companies that have a set objective to hire their interns. In most organizations, interns are trained and then sent away.

9. If The Pay Is Good, Then The Internship Is Good

Sometimes the best internships with full responsibility and great exposure are often unpaid. Non-profit organizations and small companies usually cannot afford to pay but the programs are of quality.

10.Internships Are Available Only In Big Cities

Look up local connections, check with your local Chamber of Commerce, local companies, networks, clubs, and the people you know. You will find plenty of local opportunities if you look.

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    What a joke, especially #7. The fact is if someone is paying you to do work, it is employment and yes, you are protected by workplace laws. If anyone harasses you and says otherwise, I’d bet you dollars to donuts you could find a lawyer in 5 minutes to sue that person into the ground.

    What about unpaid internships? Guess what, you still can’t sexually harass or assault anyone any more than you can legally harass or assault a stranger on the street! It’s pretty irresponsible to openly claim that interns can be treated like garbage.