Top 5 Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

36 Million Apple iPhone sales in last quarter of 2012, Making it one of the most popular Smartphone for the generation and which attracts a lot of hackers and programmers who to try and break into the phone infecting it with viruses or hacking into the data. Though many users believe that antivirus for Apple iPhone is not really necessary which is somewhat true. For basic home users iPhone is one of the safest phones to get infected by any virus because they don’t need complex or commerce functions in their phone. Disabling the Bluetooth facility minimizes the phone’s chances of getting a virus from other devices. Only Rooted/Jailbreak iPhone have a little vulnerability towards malware and other worms. But, People who use iPhone for professional purposes, they have a slightly more risk of data theft and virus/malware attacks which can lead to serious damage. Many companies don’t consider launching an antivirus for iPhone because of its preset security features but lately iPhone’s first Trojan horse was launched which forced some of them to come up with applications to protect the device. Although there are only a few existing inactive malware for iPhone, maybe luck is involved but sure you cannot leave your vital data on luck. So, Here are the top 5 Antivirus applications for your iPhone (Paid and free apps) which would help you to secure your data from virus attacks and thefts and even help you back up the data in case you lose your phone or get it infected. The recent vulnerabilities in iOS devices have leaded the users to think about Antivirus applications for their Smartphones and Tablets.

Let us have a look at the top 5 antivirus applications for the iPhone:

 1). Lookout Mobile Security Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

 Lookout Mobile Security Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Lookout Mobile Security Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

As mentioned, Risk of losing device or the data in iPhone 5 is a lot higher than risk of attack or malware. Lookout Mobile security is one of chief and free app to take a look over security and theft.

Features of Lookout Mobile Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5:

If you have dropped your phone or it has been stolen, No need to take steps to police, Lookout mobile security allows you to view the location of your iPhone from their site. Risk of losing your phone is minimized. Moreover, even if you have misplaced your phone and it’s on silent mode then, the app comes with a feature SCREAM that allows you to ring its bell. You can hear the bell and find grab it from wherever it is (nearby).

Phone can also be locked remotely with a feature called LOCK that way no one can access your personal data or if you’ve given your phone to someone with your own wish, WIPE feature would wipe the important data like Facebook  twitter, Google logins, history, messages, contacts, photos and everything making it easy with one go.

Lookout also warns you before connecting to unsecured WiFi networks or before downloading malicious application. It warns you for important security updates too. Warning on phishing sites gives you confidence to try out new application without any danger of getting your personal credentials leaked over to third party hackers. Lookout updates itself automatically you just need to get it connected to the Internet and you are ready to go with this light app, which won’t even consume much space and battery life.

There is always a risk of damaging your phone and getting the important data, photos, and contacts, messages wiped off. Lookout gives you option to have backup of your phone so that your data is safe even if somehow it gets destroyed from your phone.


LookOut is a free antivirus for Apple iPhone 5 and is available in the App store.

2). Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Trend Micro Mobile Security was first security applications to be launched iOS. Don’t go by the word Micro, rather Trend Micro is a huge logo in security and data protection. It comes with four features assuring total security of your iphone. The applications emphasis on enterprise networks where corporate devices can get infected and suffer data loses from individual smartphones brought out by the co-workers. The official site expresses these features in the form of understandable cartoon form, however the basic outcomes of which are:


At Enterprise levels management of many devices at one time is a thing to get hands on. Being many devices to handle, it isn’t easy at all, But Trend micro mobile security comes with great feature to manage your device remotely with proper alerts and notification, centralized remote management, remote lock, Device provisioning and many more to take control over many devices without any mess.

Trend Micro also takes care of the malware and online hack attacks who constantly try to steal your data and important credentials by any possible method. Jail broken iPhone 5 smartphones are more vulnerable to such attacks. The antivirus provides an anti-malware and encryption enforcement option to secure your data. Phishing guards let your web experience be safe from hackers.

There is an application for all type of work you want to be done, the problem arises when they are too much to handle. A lot of apps make it difficult for other applications to work properly. Useless apps keep lying and draining your phone’s battery and RAM every time  This mobile security app gives you option to Blacklist Low-productivity, and risky apps and also giving you feature to white list clean, useful apps.

Finally, Trend’s feature to manage and secure your data with password encryption  and remote uninstall controls secures your data for remote data thefts. In case your phone is stolen, you always have an option to remotely lock it so the thief fails to use it and to wipe off your data remotely so that the data leaves for good before reaching wrong hands.


The software comes with a free trial version so you can try the safe iPhone experience. Buying the full version involves you to find a local re-seller but the price is worth the application.

3). Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

 Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Virus Barrier was quite a famous name for Mac users and now it comes to protect iPhone users from viruses and malwares too. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS v 4 or later.


There are lots of ways for a virus to enter your phone, e-mails, remote locations such as MobileMe, and many other paths for transfer of viruses and malware  VirusBarrier has features to scan each file entering your iPhone to check for viruses or malwares and passes on a green signal for safe files. Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 also won award for their scanning technology, the same technology is used in VirusBarrier iOS, which is designed to catch and kill all types of windows or Mac malicious files and stops them from spreading and harming other systems.

VirusBarrier iOS is not meant to run in the background or give an automatic update and scan. The App is based on “on-demand” scan whenever a new file tries to enter the system, this feature saves a lot of RAM and hence the battery is also not drained.


This tiny app costs $2.99 once and is available at the app store.

4). McAfee WaveSecure Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

McAfee WaveSecure Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

McAfee WaveSecure Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Recently launched for Apple’s iOS, McAfee’s WaveSecure gets a place in the top 5 for the company name in protecting our laptops and computers. McAfee WaveSecure’s android, Blackberry, Symbian and windows version helped a lot of people to save their data from thefts and now iPhone will get the benefits too. This application emphasis on basic-home users where the chances of data loss are more than getting the data infected by malware or other data thefts.

For enterprise mobile security McAfee’s Product EMM can be of great use. McAfee Enterprise mobility management comes with great enterprise features to keep the data safe if your device is used more than the entertainment purpose. WaveSecure currently doesn’t support iPad and iOS version less than 4.


You can keep track of your phone’s location if you get it stolen or misplace it, from the wavesecure site. Tracking the device is possible whether the GPS in enabled or not. Even if its stolen, remotely wiping the whole data is possible and you need not to worry to get the data back because you get the feature to back up your contacts, photos, calendars and everything in case you lose it and can even access the vital data from anywhere from the official app site.


WaveSecure costs around $22, but you can try the trial version before buying.

McAfee EMM as mentioned is an advanced version of WaveSecure rather more of an antivirus giving features to save your device from malware attacks in the corporate sector. Its anti-malware, strong authentication, high availability, a scalable architecture make the device secure like anything. You can request a free demo of the product and locate a reseller to buy the full version.

 5). GadgetTrak Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

GadgetTrak Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

GadgetTrak Antivirus for Apple iPhone 5

Not much of an anti malware but one of the best tools to track your lost/stolen device. Supports iOS 4 or higher. If you are careless with your phone and lose it quite often, this is the best application for you. Install it before your regret losing your phone and your data.


It allows you to view the current position of your iPhone using a combination of GPS, WiFi positioning and cell tower triangulation giving most accurate results. The tracking starts with a message you send to your device from any other phone. It provides detailed reports about the location of your mobile phone minimizing the chances of phone theft. To add up, the camera is active during the theft, capturing snaps throughout the chase. The process of tracking is safe as the thief cannot change the settings once the tracking begins via secure SSL connection.


It costs $3.99 and is available at the app store.

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