Top 5 Must Have iPhone Apps


While every other iPhone Smartphone user finds some new app to switch to, some prefer sticking to iPhone apps that are better than the others are. Now, we are not saying that all those apps out there that you people love are exactly burning a hole in your pocket. There are a few many take pleasure in using and would definitely refer it to your friends as well. Let’s take a look at some iPhone apps that are a hit among iPhone users of all ages.


You might be quite used to clicking photographs and sharing them on the go. In case of iPhone, you have the plus point of using Hipstamatic, which will help you transform your iPhone-clicked pictures into the grainy, retro styled pictures. You might find the application interface of Hisptamatic iPhone app to be a little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you can easily change lenses, add the desired effect. Moreover, you can also switch from one variable to another by simply swiping your finger. So, if you want an 80’s prom look or a New York rainy day, you can just switch to the Hipstamatic iPhone app and click away!

1 Password

A major source of irritation to various iPhone users is the constant typing of passwords that serve as checkpoints for entry into websites and apps. If you prayed for an app that would help you with these issues, your prayers are answered. The app 1Password is just the thing you have been looking for. The app stores your login details i.e. your username and password of the websites and apps of your choice. You merely have to activate the app and check-in to your website and voila, you have in! In addition to storing passwords, you can also use the app as a notepad on the go.

FlightTrack Pro

If you were a frequent flier, you definitely would want information of the flight status of the airline you have opted for or wish to check on the delay of a flight or even at which gate you are expected to go. Once you opt for this app, you can always stay ahead with the info provided and easily plan your daily chores as per the flight time. The app also has a parallel app called the Tripit app that weather info as well as maps to know where you are at any given moment.


While iPhone by itself helps anyone to stay organized, the app Things provides the extra edge by providing users ranging from college goers to businessperson a mobile organizer. With Things, you can keep checklists and even synchronize data to your personal computer.


Every businessperson wishes to keep abreast with the latest happenings in the world. While some resort to using the newspaper, iPhone users have the option of using the ideal business app for synchronizing RSS feeds from various services like the Google Reader. For the businessperson of the new age who uses RSS feeds, the NewsRack iPhone app is the best by far.

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