Top ten Global Trending Topics On Facebook

This week, Facebook announced their “Memology 2011”. It’s the 3rd annual edition published by Facebook’s Data Team, which shows the most popular “memes” (i.e. trends, styles, behaviours) of Facebook users over the year.

With over 800 million registered users (half being frequent return users), Facebook’s Memology can arguably serve as one of the most accurate portrayals of public attitude, behaviour and opinion, especially of internet users.

As much as understanding search engine behaviour is vital for SEO, with users becoming more engaged with Social Media and the ever growing population of such sites, it is imperative to gain as much insight on user behaviour in this area.

It seems obvious that the most popular memes are as a reflection or reaction to popular news stories and events, i.e. the assassination of Osama bin Laden (globally the most talked about topic in 2011). These results are based on how many people updated their Facebook statuses about that particular subject.


As well as seeing global results, this year users can see the most popular stories in 13 different countries including the UK, Brazil and Japan.

The story covered in the Facebook blog also tells us which online slang has become popular this year. In 2009 we saw the phenomenon of the acronym, “FML” which was the single most used term on Facebook statuses.

This year we have seen the emergence of “tbh” (to be honest) and “lms” (like my status) being the most increasingly used terms in users statuses.

The results this year also showed the fastest growing Facebook fan pages, based on “likes” across the categories of Entertainment, Music, Sport and News.