Trace Any Mobile Number In India by Social Engineering

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Lets face it. We  all have come across situations when we desperately needed to find the caller information of an unknown no. A miscreant sending lewd sms to your GF, an unknown caller harassing your family/love ones among other reasons. And you don’t just want his location, you want his complete biodata. So how do you do it?

There are two straight forward ways:

1. Register a FIR. Carry a copy of the FIR  to the nearest customer care and you get the info.

2. Contact your friend/relative who is already working in that Cellular Company. The desi “Juggad”method :)

But there is an easy way of doing the whole thing. The  Social Engineering Way!

Lets say you have an unknown no 999999999 whose info you need to find out.

First we need to find its location and its network.

Head to trace or and enter the mobile no. These site will provide you the region and the operator.( Many other sites are there that provide the same thing. A simple Google search yields up several similar sites)

Now you know where the sim is registered and to which network. In our case lets assume 999999999 is a AIRTEL SIM in  Delhi Region.

Now the actual Social Engineering Begins. We will be taking the help of Caller id Spoofing  and Sms Spoofing (Optional,  not really necessary)

Before attempting anything you need to make a rough analysis about the Target. The sim is registered in Delhi Region, so most probably the person knows Hindi and English. Similarly if you are from any South Indian state and the target is also from south India, you can strike off Hindi. The basic idea is to zero in the language the Target is comfortable in.( Usually his sms and calls gives the clues).

Next you need to do an analysis regarding when the Target is free. This is an important part.  Analyse when the target usually disturbs you or your gf. Is it during the morning hours, afternoon, evening or at night? We will also call him at the same period of the day because it would be foolish to call him at day hours when he always gives missed calls and sms to your girl in evening. Maybe he is a student and can’t receive our call during the day! Got my point?

Next head over to (You can also find similar sites through Google but most of them requires to buy credits or talk time). Crazycall will spoof your caller id. Once there, enter country as India. Next we need to choose which fake no we want to display in his phone. I suggest you put his own no. Yes, we gonna call him from his own no. It serves two things, first, we got the element of surprise to our advantage ( after all  who gets a call from his own no. normally), secondly if he is busy, seeing his own no. he would definitely pick up the call.

Hey, what the hell I gonna say to him  after that, you may ask. Use your creativity here to exploit the inherent flaw of the humans GREED and FEAR!

First of all, congratulate him and say that you are from Airtel Customer Care.( Remember, first Congratulate than say customer Care, else he may disconnect the call hearing Airtel customer care :) ). Say that he won the first prize of Rs 10,000 talktime of the AIRTEL MAHA DIWALI lottery (Use the name of any festival/occasion that is coming up). To claim that he need to “Register his name” ( and not ” Verify his name”, he maybe using somebody else’s sim). Once he gives up his identity you are all set to go. You can even ask his email and alternate no. ( for further communication), ask whether the . is registered in his name, if yes than ask for this Father’s/ Mother’s name…you got my Idea!

If spoofing CALLER ID doesn’t suits you than you may try this. Call his from an another no. and say that you are calling from a courier company and apologetically  say that he got a courier in his name but his address got damaged during transaction, only his contact no survived. Ask him his address and landmark. After getting that, slowly ask him his name :) . Trust me, it works most of the time.

You may use your own ideas, you are only limited by your imagination.

A few things to remember:

1. You must be very very confident while talking. Remember the person is in a surprised mode by getting a call from his own no. So utilize the first few seconds very very wisely.

2. Once you get his name and you identified him as your friend/Neighbor, don’t hang up or reveal yourself. Complete the whole conversation. Its like hacking into someone’s computer and leaving a backdoor. If you reveal yourself during the conversation you won’t be able the play the same trick again for other purpose!

3. Practice the conversation many times till you feel confident before you actually call the Target.

4. If you can than sent a spoof sms to his no that he won the lottery and will receive a call from the customer care soon.(To make it look more authentic)

N.B:  CRAZY CALL SERVICE IS NOT FREE. IT CHARGES ABOUT 40-45 RS per minute. (60 seconds is enough to expose the Target)


Feel Free share your experience and your suggestions.

Author: Pankaj Basumatary

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