How To Turn Off Ease Of Access Narrator In Windows Phone 8.1

Turn Off Ease Of Access Narrator In WP 8.1

This post is for all those windows phone 8.1 users, who have accidently or intentionally activated the narrator of  Ease Of Access feature and now you don’t know how to turn it off. I know that if you do not know how to turn ease of access narrator off, it can be pretty scary situation. You would have only one option and that is to hard reset you windows phone.

Ease Of Access is a tool made for people who have difficulty accessing the smartphone. However, if you do not have any difficulty, then using easy of access can be pretty frustrating.

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How To Turn on Ease Of Access Narrator?

You can turn on Easy Of Access Narrator by going to your settings. You can find easy of access on the near end of the setting page.

When you click on Easy of Access, you will see the option to chance text size in your contacts, emails, messages, lock screen etc. You can also set high contrast.

The third option you will see is of Narrator. Using a narrator the phone will read all your touch or phone activities aloud. Now, if you just for the sake of trying, turned it on and you don’t know how to turn it off, then you are up for a big pain.

Turn On Ease Of Access Narator


What will happen is that when you will try to go anywhere, it will first repeat the function of that commands. you can only go there by using your hard buttons. You simply double tap on the search button to go to that page.

It is impossible to scroll down here. When I somehow managed to go to my home screen, and tried to tap on buttons, it kept repeating the name of that application.

Turn Off Easy Of Access Narrator on Windows Phone 8.1
Turn Off Easy Of Access Narrator on Windows Phone 8.1

I thought locking the screen might help, but it made the situation worse. I just could not open the screen lock.

I tried turning off my phone power, but when I restarted, same issue happened.

Irritating Easy Of Access Narrator
Irritating Easy Of Access Narrator

Turn Off Ease Of Access Narrator

I was on the verge of hard resetting my Windows 8.1 phone, but luckily I visited a windows forum and found the solution to this problem.

The solution is very simple, you can even see it on the Ease Of Access button itself, but normally people ignore it.  To turn off ease of access narrator, Hold the “Volume Up” button and then tap the “Start/Windows” button. This will disable narrator.

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PS: I had to search a lot before I found the solution to this issue. So, I thought of adding this post to help fools like me.

Author: Naveen Thakur

  • Angelica

    I’m sorry, but I have a problem…what do you mean by “tap the windows” button? Because I try to hold the volume button and tap on the screen (first page, where all the apps are…), but it just increase the volume and that’s it :(

    • Angelica

      Okay, I’ve made it…I used Cortana and now it’s back to the way it was before! Phew!

      • Glad it helped you :)

        • Aby

          I turned on narrator by accident on Lumia 920 with WP8.1,and had the same issue.
          But my windows, back and search are not responding.
          I tired the Vol+ and Home button combo, but, only vol is increasing.

          How to activate Cortana?
          My bottom home buttons are not responding,
          How to rectify? Help me

          • even it it increase the volume, keep tapping on the home button, it will unlock it.

            To activate cortana, you need to choose the region as USA, and language as USA english.

      • Kishore bestha

        Hey how you did it…plz help me…it’s just increasing the volume..not able to turn off the narrator..:(

  • Praveen

    I was almost hard setting my lumia 1520 ..after I read ur post , I did as u said n narrator got off and easily get out of lock screen … Thank you so much u made my day

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    thank you thank you thank you!!! I spent over an hour locked out of my phone, another hour searching the internet for help, on my pc, no help there. After piecing together all my research I was finally able to enter the correct string of words that, fingers crossed” would get me to the right answer: “the narrator on my lumia 920 will not allow access to my phone”. I found you!!! THANK YOU!

  • dahri bigek

    Omg thankyou so much!!!!!!


    why was the narrator created in the first place..the developer of 8.1 is very sloppy i tell you

    • I know that’s right, hit the button by mistake and boyhowdy was I ever pissed at myself .. I was saying: crap on a cracker WITH do I do know .. then I came here and read the blog and bang all I had to do was hold the volume button up and hit the Windows button to turn it off .. WOW! What a life saver .. lol the Dadgum setting ain’t worth a Damn’d, Wth did they even put it in here? What fools ..

      • But, thank you SO MUCH for helping me to get my phone back to working the correct way, SO MUCH appreciated!!

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    You’re a life saver!!!! I was just so curious and I turned on narrator and that it was cool until I got to the home screen and couldn’t go back to settings……then I knew I was in trouble. And right now isn’t hv any money to spare to get my fone fixed……thank God for the Internet!!! You just saved me from a whole lot of stress!!! Thank you!!!

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    Vol+ and Home button combo
    the above worked for me managed to turn off narrator successfully

  • JS

    Thank you for your post, I accidentally locked myself out of the phone by turning on the narrator to see how it worked and then locking my phone. Then I was stuck without any idea of how to get back in my phone. I think your post just saved me a few hours or more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    i really need help here, if anyone can advise me furthur , it would be highly appreciated.