Use Google Analytic To Increase Visitors On Your Website

Role Of Google Analytics In Helping Your Business.
Role Of Google Analytics In Helping Your Business.

Google Analytics provides a great deal of info about your website, like amount of site visitors, bounce rate and other significant data that can help you increase your website’s conversion rate. And yet were you aware that you could make use of the info inside Google Analytics to enhance your site’s amount of targeted traffic?

Outlined in this article, I will reveal to you easy step by step instructions for how you can investigate your Google Analytics and find useful key word data, examine your existing web site position and build back links to efficiently improve your ranking.

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Identify Keywords That You Already Rank For

You will have to have your Google Analytics data available on your site for many months in order to get the most benefit from this method.

Open Google Analytics and then look into your Traffic Sources Overview. Once there, look at your organic traffic. If you happen to be making use of the old version of Google Analytics, this will bring up a long list of the particular key phrases people are inputting directly into Google’s search engine to find your website.

Next, what I do is enlarge this list so I can see the top 50 or more key phrases that potential customers are discovering my website for. Peruse through the list for search terms that you aren’t planning to rank for. All these keywords are what I consider to be the particular golden keyword phrases that consumers are arriving at your site with that you may not normally have knowledge of.

Ultimately, look for phrases which tend to have a significant amount of monthly searches in Google along with a substantial commercial value. Choose terms and phrases that you have pages about on your website already, to save time.

Get Your Website’s Position

Now go to Google and enter in the key word. Just enter this syntax into Google: “keyword phrase” – using no quotations – and then click on search.

You might have to go through several results pages to see your keyword result.

At this moment, in case your key phrase is not on page 1, you could be saying to yourself, “No one goes beyond the page 1 listings!” You are likely right; then again, there is also a chance that someone did go digging that far to get to my site. A more likely scenario is this : my website merely happened to be ranked high on the first page of all search results back when this user located my site. Given that sites bounce around frequently, this is most likely what happened. Regardless, it is not important.

What is important here is that we have discovered a webpage on our online site which is doing well in search results for a keyword that we probably had not been previously attempting any sort of any seo for.

Creating BackLinks For The New Keyword

The third step is to promote this page of content by building backlinks to it, using the keyword phrase as the anchor text.

One great way to get a link back to your site is go back to Google and search for other blog sites that are relevant to your own. Since my site is about SEO, I would probably enter something like “SEO blog guest post” into Google to find sites that might accept a guest blog post from me. I would then contact various site owners to see if I can post an article on their site, in exchange for a link. Once I have approval, I could write the article and include my keyword with a link back to my site, using proper HTML syntax.

Writing one article with one link like this may or may not be enough to move your site up in Google. You will need to monitor your search ranking to see how you are doing over time. If need be, you may need to submit your articles or look for other link building methods to help you rank higher. Or, if you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can hire an affordable SEO consultant to help you with link building.

Imagine the impact you can make on your site’s traffic if you repeat this process for several different keywords! The idea is to take what is already working and make it better.  I would suggest you to read my article Search Vs. Social.


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