Which Phone Are Smarter – iPhone Vs BlackBerry?


It is the most popular question on which people think about that which smartphone is best for them.
Research in motion’s (RIM) blackberry and Apple’s iPhone product lines have emerged as two of the most popular smartphone choices, each provides unique personal needs and desire of personal needs. The few differences in both the smartphone have become a key factor in consumer decision making.

Difference Between iPhone and BlackBerry Phones

  1. iPhone features a fully digital keyboard that eliminates the need for the physical buttons found on many cell phones while blackberry models feature a full QWERTY keyboard.
  1. One of the most important features of iPhone is that it combines the best features of iPod touch with mobile phone technology so you not only have a portable mp3  player but you also have fully functional smartphone while with the blackberry it have more sophisticated email capabilities than iPhone and also have integrated mp3 player.
  1. The new launch of Apple i.e. iPhone 4 has 32 GB memory that is capable of storing 8000 songs while the newest blackberry torch model expands it 8 GB memory to 32 GB with a microSD card.
  1. The blackberry apps isn’t quite extensive as Apple’s apps but you can still satisfied with all social networking needs.
  1. iPhone has not good Bluetooth capabilities but as we talking about blackberry it provides blackberry messenger service in which you can send messages, pictures and many other files to the blackberry user-all for free.
  1. As we talking about their battery life ,iPhone 4 has talk time upto 7 hours and can cope up with 40 hours of music play in a single charge while blackberry has 5.5 hours of talk time and 27 hours of music play.

Conclusion: iPhone Vs Blackberry

If you want all in multimedia device that offers a multitude of apps and is fun to use then the iPhone is for you. But if your primary concern is that smartphone function as a means of communication then the blackberry could be for you. Its social networking capabilities are perfectly adequate and its email capabilities and general functionality as a phone goes beyond that of the iPhone.

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