Who Moved My YouTube?

Who Moved My Youtube?

Who Moved My Youtube?

Watching the changes of YouTube brings to mind an old country song, which went along the lines of: The Old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be. And oh my, the changes have been fast and furious. Depending on when you became involved with the site YouTube impacts your view of the changes.

Using Internet years. It started a little bit after Google purchased YouTube. Before the purchase. Google had its own offering, known as Google Videos. Some of us still have content put up there. If that is not you, do not bother to look at it as a new venue. It is in read only mode.
On the other end of the scale. The most striking change came on one March 2012. Google replaced its hodgepodge of privacy policies across all its different offerings into a single privacy policy. While some people feel that the Internet giant is out as a surrogate government spy, I have some bad news for you. Your individual life and whether you like your peanut butter, plain or crunchy (assuming you even purchased peanut butter) is just not interesting enough for them to make a profit on.

Why Youtube Made These Changes?

The reason for the changes are simple. The answer is: profit.
Whether we like it or not, in our daily lives we are predictable. This is because we only take conscious action on a very small percentage of our lives. The rest we do on autopilot. Everything from when and how we brush our teeth to make coffee or tea. There is a pattern to that. On an aggregate, that means as a herd of humans that pattern can be measured. And that means Advertising. In the same way man does not know always why a herd of buffalo or elephants will suddenly move into a stampede. We as humans have our own ways of being that are not fully understood. In fact, it is basis of the advertising industry to target the nature of these human stampedes and get a message out in front of this particular rush as inexpensively as possible. And of course, yielding the best possible reaction (sales).

My Opinion

Sales does not have to mean you drop what you are doing and ran to the store, leaving money in exchange for something. It could be changing your mind on a hot topic. For example, water conservation to abortion, or simply just brand awareness (I feel better about BP, seeing all the have done to clean up the Oil Spill).
Google is a unique position to identify the ebb and flow of the weird ways of the human her to target advertising in a way man Hereto for has never seen before. Yes, it may be a little unnerving. And rest assured, the company is much more interested in its battle in the mobile marketplace where it must take on gladiators, Apple and Microsoft. At the risk of hurting your ego, your individual life is simply too insignificant, until they can help you pick what hotel you are going to stay at on your next vacation.

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