Why This Kolaveri Di Kolaveri Di meaning

Why this kolaver di meaning


All about Kolaveri Di




Question: Why this Kolaveri Di?

Answer : Melody khao khud jaan jao.


Question: My a my a girl friend leave, why this kolaveri di?

Answer : Kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi


Question: Knock a knock a me joke a.. not funny.. a… Why this kolaveri di?

Answer : dimag ki ghanti baja de


Question: White background night night , night background black a… why this kolaveri kolaveri di?

Answer : Ab samjhe ye tikiya mene kyun li!


Question: I post a post a comment a facebook a, no like a… Why this kolaveri kolaver di?

Answer : sorry shaktimaan!


Kolaveri Di meaning :

It means, nothing at all.  I have inquired various people from southern part of India but, no one has confirmed what it actually means but, whatever it is, it is good!


Kolaveri Di uses :


  • A good substitute for Wat dha fak (in India)
  • You can curse someone and he would know it, maybe used to help fluent sarcasm
  • To sound cool (applicable until end of Jan 2012, people will get bored after that)
  • A good suffix for a sentence where you wanted to prefix “an awkward moment”
  • A good alternative to “Why so serious?”
List goes on.
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