Why windows Phone Are Potatoes?

Yesterday my friend said that Window Phones are like potatoes. It was strange. I mean why would anyone call an Electronic device a POTATO. My curiosity lead me to ask him this question.

Then he supported his comments by the Facts below.

He Said:

1). Neither Potato nor a Window Phone Have inbuilt Bluetooth.

2). Both of them lacks Push Email.

3). Both of them doesn’t have a good Market Place.

4). Though not in demand, still they will drain your Money.

5). Both of them will get Rotten with Age.

6). Potatoes don’t have Number Pad, So do Windows Phones (err, so does, iPhone and Android blah!).

7). Both of them can’t understand HTML5 (Canvas).

8). Both of them cannot be customized

9). None can play High Quality Video Formats.


So based on these facts he concluded that WINDOW PHONES ARE POTATOES.

Hence Proved.


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