Wikipedia Mobile Editing Feature

Wikipedia Mobile Editing

Wikipedia Mobile Editing Feature
Wikipedia Mobile Editing Feature

Wikipedia the worlds largest encyclopaedia released a new feature on Wednesday that lets readers modify articles from their smartphones or tablet computers. Wikipedia mobile editing feature will allow the users to edit the wiki pages using just their mobiles.

Instead of being authored by a select group of editors, the free online encyclopaedia can be altered by anyone . So, mobile integration will most likely contour the editing process for many readers.

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“Have you ever looked up something quickly on Wikipedia on your phone, noticed a small mistake, and wished you could fix it on the spot?” Wikipedia mobile web software engineer Juliusz Gonera wrote in a blog post “Now you can help keep Wikipedia and its sister projects to be up-to-date and veracious when you’re on the move by editing from your smart phone.”

Till today, users could only alter Wikipedia entries from desktop computers — although, more than 15 percent of users access the site from their mobile devices. Wikipedia discovered this divide and decided to “do more to let anyone with Internet access contribute to the sum of all human knowledge,” wrote Gonera.

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It is very crucial for Wikipedia to make editing accessible on mobile devices not only because mobile traffic is on the rise in North America and Europe, but because mobile is increasingly becoming the only way, people in developing countries can access the site. Wikipedia Zero, collaboration with the world’s sixth-largest telecom, improves in delivering that mobile experience for free to 3.3 billion users around Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Gonera was quoted saying:-

“We spent a lot of time testing the new mobile editor and trying to make it work on as many devices as possible, but this is still the first release.”

Back in the year, the company released a trial version for mobile editing on a beta site; and today, it is opening up the first public release for all users. Gonera described that Wikipedia will continue to work on improving the mobile editing feature into the future.

Author: Pranay Purohitt