Windows Phone 8.1 Review

Windows Phone 8.1

There is a good news for all Windows Phone user. Update of Windows 8 for phone is now available for all Windows Phone, The updated version is called Windows Phone 8.1. There are some new phones of Nokia series that will be launched with Windows 8.1 as their operating system. Windows phone 8.1 is designed in such a way that gives competition to its rivalries iOS and Android. There are some features that are not available in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 comes up with those features.

Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft lags iOS and Android operating system at the time of Windows Phone 8 but after launching of Windows phone 8.1, Microsoft is now at the stage of giving competition to iOS and Android because it provide very user friendly environment between the device and user.

If you are already a Windows Phone user then you can download Windows phone 8.1 on your device. The main thing that you have to notice is this downloading will only upgrade the OS software but not the customization that are made by these devices.

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Now the Question arises: Why should your device support Windows phone 8.1 or we can say that what are the features of Windows Phone 8.1?

Features of Windows Phone 8.1

With Windows phone 8.1 you can experience a beautiful environment and also  experiences customizable background an color themes, amazing notification centre with signature tiles, swipe gesture available for keyboard and many more. But the most amazing and important feature of Windows phone 8.1 is Cortana.

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Cortana is the most amazing and new feature in Windows 8.1. It is a voice controlled feature similar to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Cortana is Microsoft’s first voice integrated feature which brings Microsoft one level up in operating systems. Cortana is designed in such a way that you can do anything on your device like Cortana tells you about the weather, tells you directions, alerts you, schedules appointment and do many  more things.

cortana main app image
cortana main app image

You can consider Cortana a Notebook which collects the information about you, your daily life, teacks your daily activity. You also get pop-up notifications on Cortana’s Live tile. To update Cortana you have to tap on search button, it will automatically get activated. It provides you real world interface. It does not exactly compete Google Now and Siri. But yes Cortana is Microsoft’s very nice attempt to attract users towards Windows Phone.


Windows phone 8.1 has one more feature of geofancing. Cortana takes the advantage of this feature. If you are going to any place and you want to do something on the way then tell Cortana to remind you. Cortana is not only available in listening mode but if you press search key it will take you to the service and activate mic automatically. I think Cortana is amazing and impressive feature of Windows phone 8.1 that will surely attracts you.

Action Centre:

Action Centre is notification bar like in iOS and Android. you can swipe your notifications and also sync them with your apps and Live tiles. You can also expand notifications using two fingers or you can reply, deletw or select email. You can easily access your settings with action.

Word Flow Keyboard:

This is new feature that is added in Windows phone 8.1. With this, keyboard has swipe gestures update which is already used in Android phones. In this feature the only thing you will do is draw each letter and device will automatically detect that word. This feature is new in Windows Phone 8.1.

Battery Saver:

Battery Saver is the feature in which you can save battery. If your battery is running off then apps running in background will automatically shut down. Similarly with Windows Phone 8.1 with addition to all these the feature also shut down those apps in background that uses your battery continuously.

There is another good feature which I want to discuss is Dual SIM support by Windows Phone 8.1 for those who want Dual SIM in their device.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Phone 8.1


  1. Cortana feature is one of the biggest advantage.
  2. Another advantage is its Word Flow Keyboard.
  3. This OS provides you customizable environment.
  4. Hardware Support is amazing in this OS.


  1. Cortana feature has lack of non touch verbal voice key activation.
  2. Generally you think default email app for any device is gmail or yahoo but in this OS default app is outlook and maximum user uses gmail.

Windows took very nice step to compete with top two operating systems i.e. iOS and Android but Window is still lag by iOS and Android. Windows Phone 8.1 provides very user friendly environment but still to beat top two OS it will take lot of time. The feature that are provided by the Windows Phone 8.1 are already provided by iOS and Android. So we can say that it is very late step by Microsoft. But Microsoft did its best to attract users towards Windows Phone.

Author: Kriti Jain