Xbox Music Service Launched By Microsoft

Microsoft Xbox Music

Microsoft Xbox Music
Microsoft New Xbox Music Service

Today music is hard to manage and people need to use multiple music service to get exactly what they want. there are not many service that works together to make music easy for the user. The Microsoft brings out the solution of this problem.

On Monday, Microsoft announced its new Xbox music service. A digital music service to rival with Apple Inc’s iTunes and Inc’s cloud player. New Xbox music service brings streaming, subscription and music store to Xbox 360 and all the tablets, PCs and phones of Windows 8 with the cloud based storage.

Microsoft has failed once in the digital music market with its Zune player and services. Microsoft hits the reset button and launches its new music service ‘Xbox music’. The world’s largest software maker has been trying to make the household living room an entertainment hub with its Xbox. With the Xbox music, Microsoft takes another swing at the market.

Don Mattrick, president of the interactive Entertainment business at Microsoft called it a milestone. He said, “The launch of Xbox music is a milestone in simplifying digital music on every type of device and on a global scale.”

About Xbox music

Microsoft Xbox Music Features

Xbox music is Microsoft’s new package music service, especially designed to let the users listen to music in exactly the way they want to listen it. It will be the pre-installed default music application appearing front and centre on every Windows 8 PC’s start screen that is to be officially launched October 26.

Xbox gives you the freedom to stream custom-created playlists for free. You can also subscribe to all the music you want or download to own your favorite songs. It is a cloud based connectivity will allow users to access to playlists and music collections across devices.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Marketing and strategy says “Xbox music will have  arguably the largest catalog of all music services.” With 30 millions songs,  and that the experience offers a fantastic way of discovering new music. Xbox also will be the only all-in-one music service that enables users to listen to music in whatever –and on whatever device- they choose.

Features of Xbox music:

  • Smart DJ: This is the fantabulous feature of Xbox. This feature personalizes your song library and also searches your favorite songs. By using instant mixes from a variety of your favorite artist. You can also produce ultimate playlists.
  • Xbox music passes:  Initially, users in the United States would have free, unlimited access to a library of 18 millions songs (global catalog has 30 millions songs). Those who want a commercial-free listening experience can pay $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year) for the Xbox music pass.
  • Cloud Storage: Next year, Microsoft will bring a Scan and match feature of Xbox in which you will add your favorite tracks to the cloud storage services. In this way you can go moreover 30 millions songs available on Xbox music. This one is the feature that Apple avail it on the iTunes.
  • High support: Xbox music supports all the platforms like PCs, tablets, phones, game console and more. At starting, it will run only on the Windows 8 devices and Xbox 360 gaming consoles.
  • Social music: With this feature you can share your favorite songs or music experiences with your friends and relatives with social networking site like Facebook. But this feature will go active in next year.
  • Free music streaming on Windows 8 and Windows RT: You will get free music streaming on Windows 8, Windows RT and many other devices. This service enables you to access millions of songs for free of cost. You can also create unlimited playlists to catalog your songs.

Difference table of online music services

Apple iTunesSpotifyXbox musicAmazon music
Download only over 28m tracks Prices per track/album.Streaming and download 18m tracks Subscription £9.99 per month.Streaming and download 30m tracks.subscription £8.99 per month.Streaming and download 20m tracks Cloud player free.
Available on computers, mobile phones, ipads and Apple TV boxes.Available on computers, mobile phones and some TVs.Available on Windows 8, Xbox 360-although iOS and android apps promised for next year.Available on web, iOS and android.

 Author: Kriti Jain.

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